Senior Photography in Raleigh, NC | Deyan Gaddy – Fuquay Varina High School

Introducing Fuquay Varina High School senior Deyan Gaddy! This guy a was ready for his session – we decided on the urban feel of downtown Raleigh. And as you can see I had a lot of favorites. 112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-37112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-31112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-29112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-12112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-11112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-6112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-5112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-38112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-39112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-42112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-44112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-50112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-57112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-63112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-64112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-65112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-74112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-79112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-80112017_Deyan Gaddy Senior-83

Deyan you are such a sweet, smart, hilarious & all-around great guy. You will go far in life! Best wishes to you in all your endeavors!

Interested in a senior portrait session? Contact Brittany today –

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