Baby’s first year | Chloe is 1! | Holly Springs, NC Baby photographer

Today is the day, Chloe is 1! This sweet little girl has been a joy to capture this past year in all her baby’s first year sessions. She has grown so much and she’s hilarious. How can a 12-month old be this witty?

2016_04_baby turns one-12016_04_baby turns one-22016_04_baby turns one-3

Chloe loves to clap, blow raspberries and chase her cousins. She’s walking and trying to say “Gigi”!

2016_04_baby turns one-42016_04_baby turns one-52016_04_baby turns one-62016_04_baby turns one-72016_04_baby turns one-82016_04_baby turns one-92016_04_baby turns one-102016_04_baby turns one-112016_04_baby turns one-122016_04_baby turns one-142016_04_baby turns one-15

Happy birthday Chloe! You are loved.

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