Haymore family session | Holly Springs family photographer

This was a dream family session! Not only did we have perfect weather but the sunset was just perfect. The Haymore family showed up in beautiful spring colors of teal, pinks and white for their fun outdoor family session.

2016_04_web images haymore-4

This little girl loved the flowers! The town hadn’t mowed so the grass was tall, green and filled with white and yellow flowers.

2016_04_web images haymore-102016_04_web images haymore-252016_04_web images haymore-26

And this little boy was hilarious! By the end of our session, we agreed that dinosaurs were in fact living in the tops of the trees all around us. He had some amazing stories to share.

2016_04_web images haymore-282016_04_web images haymore-342016_04_web images haymore-372016_04_web images haymore-382016_04_web images haymore-412016_04_web images haymore-45

Such a fun evening capturing a beautiful family, thank you Haymore family!

Interested in family portraits? Email me at brittanybumgarnerphotography@gmail.com today!

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