[Ashley] Athlete|CrossFit photography|Holly Springs, NC

Meet Ashley, a strong & fierce mama of 8! This was a fun maternity session at CrossFit South Wake. She is so flexible and has been able to do so many movements throughout her pregnancy. And she is doing the CrossFit Open!

2016_02_CrossFit maternity-32016_02_CrossFit maternity-82016_02_CrossFit maternity-142016_02_CrossFit maternity-182016_02_CrossFit maternity-222016_02_CrossFit maternity-242016_02_CrossFit maternity-262016_02_CrossFit maternity-382016_02_CrossFit maternity-522016_02_CrossFit maternity-542016_02_CrossFit maternity-67

Thank you Ashley for letting me capture this time for you! Thank you also to CrossFit South Wake for letting us use the box for this special maternity session!

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