She’s 2! | Birthday portraits, Holly Springs photographer

2016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-52016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-122016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-162016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-182016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-192016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-212016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-232016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-282016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-352016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-402016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-412016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-432016_02_Gretchens 2 year portraits-46

Our baby Gigi turned 2 last week. I guess I need to drop the “baby” part… she’ll always be my baby!

Happy birthday, sweet girl. We are so thankful for you.

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