Swanson wedding |wedding photography, Holly Springs, NC

A beautiful bride, sweet groom, and fun a family to wrap up 2015!2015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-232015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-1 2015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-2
2015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-3 2015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-42015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-62015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-72015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-8 2015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-92015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-102015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-11 2015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-12 2015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-142015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-152015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-17 2015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-182015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-192015_12_Swanson wedding watermarked-21Congratulations, Michaela and David!

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