Sole Hope shoe cutting party | Holly Springs, NC

My bible study group did a service project this past week. We did a shoe cutting party for Sole Hope! Sole Hope is an organization offering help to the people in Uganda that suffer from foot diseases related to jiggers.2015_09_Sole Hope party-1

2015_09_Sole Hope party-2Not only do they help remove the jiggers, but they give shoes to the kids that they treat. And they provide jobs for the people of Uganda- they put the shoes together!2015_09_Sole Hope party-3 2015_09_Sole Hope party-4 2015_09_Sole Hope party-5 2015_09_Sole Hope party-6 2015_09_Sole Hope party-7

My sweet, loving, amazing friend Victoria spent time in Uganda earlier this year; helping Sole Hope. She’s going back in October and taking out shoes with her.

2015_09_Sole Hope party-8 2015_09_Sole Hope party-9 2015_09_Sole Hope party-132015_09_Sole Hope party-10 2015_09_Sole Hope party-12  First pair of shoes, done!2015_09_Sole Hope party-14 2015_09_Sole Hope party-152015_09_Sole Hope party-172015_09_Sole Hope party-192015_09_Sole Hope party-162015_09_Sole Hope party-23

We made 30 pairs of shoes! It was so fun and exciting to be a part of something that’s going make a difference in kid’s lives. Thank you Victoria for guiding and helping us with the party!

2015_09_Sole Hope party-25If you’re interested in Sole Hope or hosting a shoe cutting party, check out their website for all the details. I highly recommend this simple yet fun party that is great for all types of groups. Even elementary-aged kids can get involved!

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