Kocon wedding | Wedding photography, Holly Springs, NC

A special post, for a special couple. Congratulations, Elyssa & Evan!

2015_06_Kocon wedding before-212015_06_Kocon wedding before-332015_06_Kocon wedding details-42015_06_Kocon wedding before-312015_06_Kocon wedding portraits everyone-242015_06_Kocon wedding details-212015_06_Kocon wedding before-452015_06_Kocon wedding before-542015_06_Kocon wedding portraits everyone-10 2015_06_Kocon wedding portraits everyone-232015_06_Kocon wedding details-92015_06_Kocon wedding portraits everyone-432015_06_Kocon wedding details-152015_06_Kocon wedding portraits everyone-12015_06_Kocon wedding details-162015_06_Kocon wedding details-192015_06_Kocon wedding ceremony-252015_06_Kocon wedding details-222015_06_Kocon wedding portraits everyone-482015_06_Kocon wedding portraits everyone-712015_06_Kocon wedding portraits everyone-77 2015_06_Kocon wedding portraits-72015_06_Kocon wedding ceremony-292015_06_Kocon wedding portraits-11
2015_06_Kocon wedding portraits-22 2015_06_Kocon wedding portraits-23 2015_06_Kocon wedding portraits-27 2015_06_Kocon wedding portraits-282015_06_Kocon reception-222015_06_Kocon reception-95 - Copy2015_06_Kocon reception-30 2015_06_Kocon reception-1202015_06_Kocon reception-1862015_06_Kocon reception-2172015_06_Kocon reception-204Despite the rain, their wedding was fun and filled with love. What a beautiful day for my sweet cousin and her new husband!

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