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My little one turns 5 months on the fourth of July. She is such a happy baby and is usually a great model! I love photographing babies- their soft skin & their big, beautiful eyes are moments to cherish. Plus, they can’t run from you yet!

Gretchen 5 months

But what if your baby just doesn’t want to cooperate? Or what if you’re not sure how to prepare for your session?

Here are my top 10 tips for photographing newborns & babies

1. Capture your baby’s milestones. Book your appointment while you’re pregnant for those newborn photos. You’ll always cherish those pictures. I also suggest capturing them at 3, 6, 9 & 12 months old. These are huge milestones in their first year of life. You’ll be amazed at their growth and have a keepsake for each stage.

2. Pick the right time of day. Babies love to change their schedules. As soon you as you have one, it changes again. Try to pick a time of day that they are less fussy or perhaps right after a nap and feeding. That way baby and parents are happy and ready to play. For newborns this is usually in the morning. Older babies have a little more flexibility!

3. Have any outfits &/or props ready to go. Have any hats, blankets and/or lovey’s ready too. I love to capture baby’s in the buff to show off that gorgeous skin. However special outfits are also keepsake moments too. Have everything clean and ready for your session.

Gretchen 5 months old

4. Be prepared for explosions of any kind. Have diapers, wipes & burp cloths handy! You’re a parent- you know they love to have a blow-out at the most inopportune moment!

5. Pick a location that suits you and your style. Your home is a great place for this! If it’s warm out a local field, farm or downtown spot can really help capture you and your families personality. Your photographer will surely have some great spots to suggest.

6. Mom- make sure you look ready. It’s hard for moms to get in front of the camera but these are the moments you’ll treasure when they’re older. And you’ll be passing these photos to them someday too. If nothing else, brush your hair, put on a little mascara and a clean shirt (preferably a pretty pattern or texture).

Gretchen 5 months

7. Dads – check your hair and wardrobe too. Try to compliment mom with a polo shirt or solid t-shirt. And you can’t go wrong with your favorite jeans or khakis… as long as there’s no holes!

8. Get ready to be silly! Baby giggles are adorable and make for some great facial expressions. Don’t be surprised if your photographer enlists you to dance behind them, sing or make silly noises to get your baby laughing. And if you’re not being silly…

9. Stay calm & relax. Babies are very perceptive and can pick up on our energy. For newborn sessions, this is your chance to sit back and enjoy while your photographer captures your newborn.

10. Manage your expectations & know your babies limits. It’s okay if baby is fussy; a photographer will have tricks to help baby laugh & smile. And if not… it’s not the end of the world! You’ll still get beautiful photos of your baby that will be irreplaceable.

Like this one –


Gretchen 5 months old

She got a little fussy, so she started sucking her thumb. A moment to cherish!

I hope these tips helped. I’d love to meet you and capture you & your kids this summer! Email me today-

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