An epic adventure – The Cockerham’s missions fundraising event in Holly Springs

Our dear friends, Chris & Jenni Cockerham, are on an amazing adventure. What started as a stirring in their hearts to adopt has now turned into a move to Uganda as missionaries! They are on a journey to bring home their five kids – no matter how long it takes. Recently Jenni came home for a visit where friends and family had to opportunity to catch up with her and hear about their time in Africa.

Treat Everyday like Christmas was a missions fundraiser for the Cockerham family. It was packed with candy & the four essential food groups (as Buddy the Elf would tell you), games and ended with the movie Elf.

Cockerham Fundraiser


The kids enjoyed Buddy the Elf style breakfast – spaghetti, candy and syrup! The adults got in on the fun too with a soda race!

Cockerham Fundraiser


We got to hear from Jenni- where their adventure has led them and how we can help. They will be working with Restoration Gateway in Northern Uganda, serving orphans and their mothers.

Cockerham Fundraiser


Friends also got the opportunity to pray for the Cockerham family. To read more about their story, you can visit Jenni’s blog, 100 Cups of Coffee. Checkout their article in Southwest Wake News too.

Cockerham Fundraiser

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