CrossFit Competition – Holly Springs, sports photography

I had the opportunity to photograph a CrossFit competition at CrossFit South Wake’s monthly inner-gym competition for it’s athletes. Although I enjoy the daily WOD’s (CrossFit language for workout of the day) I am more comfortable behind the lens on competition days!

2014_05_CFSW Competition BW Split Tone-94

This workout was a tough one including burpees and snatches – CrossFit Games’ Open 13.1.

CFSW storyboard 6 photos

Photographing CrossFit is almost as hard as CrossFit itself… almost! Hazards of the job include bars flying through the air, plates being dropped everywhere, athletes running from station to station and chalk buckets spewed about like landmines.

CFSW storyboard 3 photos

Don’t worry, he does get the bar above his head. CrossFit can be intense but competing against your doubts and fears and accomplishing your goals makes it a satisfying workout. Although photographing CrossFit has it’s challenges, in the end it’s worth it. The range of emotion the athlete goes through brings out some beautiful photos.CFSW storyboard 4 photos

Interested in trying CrossFit? I highly recommend you check out CrossFit South Wake. This box is great – the coaches are very knowledgeable and supportive, workouts are tough and push you, and you’ll make some great friends along the way. Need some sports photography? Send me an email –


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